SYBOLT represents the missing link within the industrialization of modular construction, with façade panels that are completely finished in-factory. What’s more, it puts your creativity and living preferences at the forefront. From stone type to joint color to masonry bond, SYBOLT produces any façade design in no time. The unlimited possibilities are immediately translated into a concrete production process by the clever software interfaces.

Not only is the labour-intensive and time-consuming masonry and jointing work a thing of the past, but because the facade is already fully finished in the factory, we enable high-quality, sustainable and circular construction. A fully controlled environment, where you are not bothered by the weather elements or unnecessary residual waste – but you do benefit from an unprecedented output. The SYBOLT has a double effect: contributing to achieving climate objectives and solving the housing shortage.

Concrete facade panels are fitted with ceramic brick slips using cementitious glue. The facade is then grouted fully automatically and prepared for installation. The entire process has also been validated: for each brick slip we know exactly under what conditions and with what parameters it was applied. During the production process, we continuously collect all relevant data that we test against the set performance and quality requirements. After all, safety first.

Industrial finishing of prefab walls certainly does not mean that all buildings will look alike. Architects are given more design freedom than ever before. And owners can, as it were, configure and design their home themselves. With countless design options in colour, patterns, shapes and angles, SYBOLT challenges creativity, without compromising all construction benefits and quality.

Integrating automated facade finishing into the overall construction process is an ongoing process. This requires customization from design to maintenance. And once SYBOLT is up and running, we are ready to make it run optimally. With training, service, support and software updates. And when we see opportunities for improvement, we make sure we seize them.


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